Energy from Woody Biomass

Biomass-based energy has become a focus of industry and policy makers in recent months. Much of this focus is being placed on energy and products derived from wood, both short-rotation crops and traditional forest resources. At its heart, wood is a concentrated form of stored sunlight. This energy can be released and used as a fuel. Wood has always been an important source of energy for people. Today, wood is the most important source of renewable energy in the United States and a primary source of fuel for much of the world. Whether it is as simple as a campfire, or as sophisticated as producing ethanol, wood has a number of inherent advantages that ensure it will continue to be an important bio-fuel in the future.


The Wood to Energy Project

This project aimed to accomplish two primary objectives related to the state of the science in wood to energy research and industry. These objectives included providing a complete literature review on the state of the science and developing a database of wood to energy related industries in the US and Canada. These industries include major forest product industries that produce residues, users of residues for energy (boilers, ethanol, etc), and related industries.



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