Wood to Energy User Facility Database


The Wood2Energy database provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information base of its type. Such information is vital to making sound planning and business decisions to expand uses of wood for energy while protecting the long-term sustainability of North America's rich forested estate.

Data accessible in the Wood2Energy system includes green energy developed and used on-site as a byproduct of a primary manufacturing process such as that produced by sawmills or pulp and paper mills, the largest single producers of energy from woody biomass. It also includes the growing number of facilities dedicated to conversion of wood to energy.  The data available in the current version of the database is considered to be version 1.0. New data are coming in regularly and periodic updates of the database will occur.

The system is being continuously updated to ensure that it is as comprehensive as is practical. The primary method to access the database is through one of the search options listed below. Information is available in tabular as well as map form. Data can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Excelâ„¢ file for further use (see download link below). Note this file contains multiple worksheets that mirror the W2E database structure (several data tables).

The system also includes means for individual facilities to update their information to ensure the most up-to-date data is available. If you wish to update information on a facility in the database, please use the link on that individual facility's page to update the information.

To access and search the database, choose one of the following options. Please note that when viewing maps of states or provinces with large numbers of facilities, maps images make take a longer time to load:


Clickable Map

Search by State/Province

Map Search Tool

To download the current set of data (4/22/2015):


W2E_Data_All.xls (a 17 MB .xls file, click "Save" in File Download Dialog)

The database basic information document Wood2Energy_DatabaseGuidelines.pdf describes the Wood to Energy project, data sources and challenges, database coverage and expected benefits for potential users. It provides detailed description of the variables present in the Wood2Energy database.



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